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Black Baccara Rose

beel-zebub666 said: I can't stop watching your videos, you're such an inspiration, my favorite vlogger! <3

Thank you so much.^__^

nicereminders said: Your kitty is so pretty! You guys match each other perfectly!

Wahhh thanks beauty ^__^

Anonymous said: How do you get your dreads in? Will there ever be a video showing how?

I’ll try to make one next time I put them in (which I want to do like RIGHT FRICKIN NOW but I can only find half the set agghh) its just a bit awkward to record.:’) But I’ll see what I can do.

I’d love to be a vampire. It’d be lovely to be a vampire, wouldn’t it? You’d get to be ancient and eternal, a creature of the night. And vampires get away with murder, quite literally.” — Tom Hiddleston


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