Toxic Tears

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This is my blog, containing pictures of myself, random babblings, and reblogs of things I like. For more information, click the "About Me" link, or ask whatever you like.:)




Oh Thumbelinaaaa!!❤ I’ve loved Thumbelina every since I was a little girl :’). Especially since my favorite Disney princess voiced her❤. I still twirl and sing “You Will Be My Wings” from time to time*^^*. She’s so adorable, innocent and pure. Definitely my favorite non-Disney princess ever❤❤.


An edit from last year in Wales.&gt;o&lt; It was so beautiful there, I want to go back.D;

An edit from last year in Wales.>o< It was so beautiful there, I want to go back.D;

I’d really like to get a few good fairy books.^O^ Can anyone recommend good ones? Also have to have a hunt in my mums attic, I must have had a million of them as a child.

And for the record, yes, I do believe in fairies.